St. Louis-based metals recycler Alter Trading Corp. has partnered with Toyota Tsusho America to form Altech Recycling, a dedicated metals separation plant that will process primarily aluminum, post-shredder mixed metals—known as Zorba—into two main products: Twitch, or floated fragmentizer aluminum scrap, and a secondary product known as heavies. Altech will start by processing between 40,000 and 50,000 mt per year, says Jack Grundfest, Alter’s senior vice president and chief administrative officer.

According to Alter, the plant will source from Alter and other shredder-operating companies as needed. Altech Recycling, which will be located in North Little Rock, Ark., will create 25 jobs and begin operations in the spring, Alter says. It plans to serve customers globally.

Alter, a privately owned, fifth-generation company, is “proud to be joining forces with one of the world’s global business leaders,” Jay Robinovitz, Alter’s President and CEO, said in a statement. The company has 70 metal recycling facilities and seven trading offices in eight states, as well as sales offices in China and Hong Kong.

The partnership is part of the Toyota Tsusho Corp.’s “green supply chain initiatives,” which also include operations in postconsumer and postproduction scrap metal collection and processing into secondary aluminum alloys, as well as closed-loop recycling models with the company’s customer base.