The Stina, Inc. Annual Plastic Recycling Study is currently underway to document post-consumer, post-commercial and post-industrial plastic recovered for reclamation in North America or exported overseas. Each year, Stina releases a Plastics Recycling Data Dashboard that dives into the data and numbers behind plastic recycling in the U.S. The report covers U.S. sourced post-consumer (PCR) plastic recovered for recycling and breaks it out into categories for readers to easily digest the numbers. You can view the 2021 Recycling Data Dashboard here.

Stina is a U.S. mission-based company that conducts research and develops technology to assess critical data, facilitate engagement and collaboration and raise awareness of key issues for better decision-making.

ISRI encourages all members to provide their data this year as it helps measure the plastic recycling industry’s contribution to reducing energy consumption. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses this data to calculate the recycling rate for plastics. Your participation is vital in determining how much plastic was recovered for recycling this previous year. Your data remains completely confidential, and all data is released in aggregated formats only.

It is extremely important that year-over-year data is obtained in order to accurately reflect changes in the marketplace and the progress of plastic recycling, especially when dealing with some of the inaccurate information that is in the media today.

If you would like to participate and haven’t already received the survey via email, contact Stina, The deadline to submit your data is Sept. 30.

Images courtesy of Stina, Inc.

Arnulfo Moreno

Arnulfo Moreno

Arnulfo Moreno is a Communications Manager at ISRI. He is fascinated by the innovation and sustainability found in the recycling industry. He graduated from The Catholic University of America where he majored in Media Studies and minored in Spanish. He lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland with his collection of short stories he hopes to one day finish writing.