ISRI2022 is an opportunity to honor those who raise awareness of the most important issues in recycling. The ISRI Transportation Safety Awards, sponsored by RecycleGuard® Insurance Program, reflect the value and importance the industry places on driver and vehicle safety, by recognizing the top performers in the field, both at the company and individual levels.

Several accolades make up ISRI’s Transportation Safety Awards: the Driver of the Year Award, the Golden Wrench Award, the Best Fleet Award, and the Pacesetter Award,

The Driver of the Year Award recognizes drivers who have driven a commercial motor vehicle more than 20 years without an accident. The following drivers are recognized for their work in 2021:

First Place

Michael Cuson, 30 years, Page Transportation Inc., Weedsport, N.Y. “Mike’s record speaks for itself,” comments Dan Titus, Page’s president. “If you weren’t impressed with his resume, you would be by the way he cares for his equipment and those that operate around him. Whether it be his coworkers, customers personnel and/or the general motoring public, Mike’s level or care for safe operation is only matched by his dedication, reliability and overwhelmingly positive attitude.  He is an exceptional example of what it means to be a Page driver.”

Second Place

Kevin McIntosh, 25 years, Schnitzer Steel, Inc., Tacoma, Wash. “Kevin is very good at his job and always delivers the “yes” experience to all our loyal customers,” states Taylor Munson, transportation supervisor at Schnitzer. “Kevin always comes to work with a positive attitude and goes above and beyond to complete his daily work. Kevin treats safety as a nonnegotiable, and if something is not safe will make sure that his supervisor is contacted immediately.”

The ISRI Golden Wrench Award is given to the best heavy vehicle maintenance technician or manager who shows outstanding efforts, achievements, and contributions to ensure that commercial vehicles are safe on the road. This year’s award goes to Maria Stinson, a maintenance technician with 14 years of service at Page Transportation.

“Maria is not only an exceptional mechanic but a true trailblazer,” Titus says. “Whether she is replacing a transmission or simply greasing a tractor, her meticulous attention to detail ensures the job gets done well every time.  She is a great member of our team, a wonderful example that anything is possible with hard work, grit and determination, and we are blessed to have her.”

The Best Fleet Award is presented to the ISRI member company with the lowest vehicle crash rate for the previous calendar year in each of four classes, decided by vehicle miles traveled. The following are the first-, second- and third-place recipients for each class:

Small Class (300,000 to 500,000 miles)

  1. TJN Enterprises, Spencer, Iowa
  2. Shine Bros. Corp., Spencer, Iowa.
  3. Consolidated Scrap Resources, York, Pa.

Intermediate Class (500,001 to 1,000,000 miles)

  1. United Scrap Transport Fleet LLC, Philadelphia.
  2. Metal Exchange, Saint Louis.
  3. Reserve Transport LLC–Reserve Management Group, Stow, Ohio.

Medium Class (1,000,001 to 5,000,000 miles)

  1. United Scrap Metal Inc., Cicero, Ill.
  2. Schupan, Kalamazoo, Mich.

Large Class (Greater than 5,000,000 miles)

  1. Page Transportation Inc., Weedsport, N.Y.
  2. Page ETC Inc., Weedsport, N.Y.
  3. OmniSource Transport LLC, Fort Wayne, Ind.

The Pacesetter Award is presented to the ISRI member company with the lowest vehicle accident rate for 36 months in each of four classes, decided by vehicle miles traveled. The winners for 2021 are.

  • Small Class: TJN Enterprises, Spencer, Iowa.
  • Intermediate Class: United Scrap Transport Fleet LLC, Philadelphia.
  • Medium Class: United Scrap Metal Inc., Cicero, Ill.
  • Large Class: Page ETC Inc., Weedsport, N.Y.

“We are very proud to announce this year’s winners of ISRI’s Transportation Safety Awards,” says Tony Smith, ISRI’s vice president of safety. “These company and individual award winners have shown that their dedication to health & safety in the workplace is serious and meaningful. We wish them continued success and we hope that others in the transportation and recycling industries will strive to follow in their footsteps.”

Featured image courtesy of Brian Stalter on Unsplash. Body images courtesy of Page Transportation. Body image 1 caption: Mike Cuson, 2021 ISRI Driver of the Year Award First Place winner alongside his wife Jennie Cuson. Body image 2 caption: Maria Stinson, winner of the 2021 ISRI Golden Wrench Award.





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