Ready to dive into ISRI2021’s virtual exhibit hall but not sure where to start? No problem. Scrap News spoke with the convention’s Platinum sponsors to find out what attendees can expect from their booths and learn what these companies are excited for at ISRI2021. Check out Part 1 of those conversations to learn what Caterpillar, LBX, and TOMRA have planned for their booths.


What is SciAps presenting at its booth?

We’re showing two main products: the X550, our hand-held X-ray gun, and the Z901, our hand-held laser gun. The X550 is fast and accurate on aluminum alloys. Historically, aluminum alloys were the Achilles heel for X-ray guns, taking 20-30 seconds to make a measurement. We’ve solved that problem and figured out how to make an X-ray gun test aluminum as fast as it tests high-temps. We hope attendees will come by our booth and see what a modern X-ray gun can do on aluminum alloys.

The Z901 hand-held laser gun is complimentary to an X-ray because it measures elements like carbon in steels and stainless, beryllium, lithium and boron in alloys, which X-rays can’t measure. In our view, LIBS is a great compliment to X-ray if you’re mostly working with aluminum because it’s really fast, or if you don’t want to deal with X-ray regulations. Our LIBS can come in two packages, one is a simple sorting packaging and the other uses an argon-purge which is more precise. The argon-purge analysis is so good customers can sell the materials straight to the mills instead of selling it to another processor.

What are you excited for about ISRI2021?

We’re excited to make a donation to RERF’s silent auction. We run a racecar on the NASCAR circuit and are donating naming rights on the car for a couple races. We think this is a great opportunity for recycling companies since normally the branding cost would be $50,000. The winner gets a great day at the race and the chance to raise money for the educational fund.

How is the demonstration virtually accessible?

We have video image of the presenter so attendees can see who they’re talking with, and then we have a screen share of the analyzer results. Attendees will be able to watch the analyzer being operated on a metal piece and also see the results in real time. It’s the closest thing to a live demo.

What do you hope attendees take away from the presentation?

We hope attendees gain an understanding of the performance and price differences of the various analyzer models we offer. We want attendees to get a sense of the advantages and limitations of both X-ray and LIBS analysis techniques so they can choose the right technology for their alloy sorting.

What else should attendees know about SciAps?

We have the lowest service costs of any devices. We’re proud of that and we work hard to keep service costs down.

Volvo CE

What will Volvo CE present at its booth during ISRI2021?

Volvo CE will provide attendees an up-close look at our purpose-built machines for the recycling industry. We will focus on our material handlers, specifically the EW240EMH and EW200EMH, as well as the L150H wheel loader with our factory-fit, heavy-duty guarding and safety packages. We will also give attendees a closer look at our advanced telematics machine monitoring and monthly reporting system, ActiveCare® Direct.

What is Volvo CE excited about for ISRI2021?

We’re excited to get in front of attendees at the ISRI show for the first time since 2019. We have a lot of new information to share on our machines and the services we provide. The interactive nature of our virtual booth should provide great access to customers.

How is the demonstration virtually accessible?

We have tried to make the demonstrations feel as live as possible. It’s very difficult to replace the hands-on experience of walking around a machine or a presentation in the booth at the actual convention, but we believe what we have to present will get attendees as close as we can to that experience.

What do you hope people take away from your presentation?

We want people to come away from our booth truly understanding what we mean by “purpose built.” We’re not simply redesigning machines that can adapt to scrap applications—we’re designing machines that are purpose-built specifically for the types of jobs this industry is known for. Our offerings will make the operator and those around the machine safer. We want our customers to know our goal is to improve their production and profitability without sacrificing safety.

What else should attendees know about Volvo CE?

Volvo CE is proud to be a member of ISRI for over 30 years. Our association with ISRI is a testament to our dedication to providing purpose-built machines for the industry. Our dealer network, finance division, and services teams are ready to support ISRI and its members as the recycling business grows even more important in the future.


First image: Caption: Ultra-fast alloy sorting with the SciAps X-ray and dual-burn LIBS guns. Credit: Courtesy of SciAps

Second image: Caption: Designed for the recycling industry, the EW240E material handler from Volvo CE is a powerful and reliable machine for challenging work conditions. Check out the booth to see more information about Volvo CE’s offerings. Credit: Courtesy of Volvo CE.



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