ISRI’s 2021 Spring Committee and Board of Directors Meetings kicked off virtually on Thursday, May 6. Most of the meetings are open and free for all ISRI members to attend. The meetings run through Friday, May 14. Here are some highlights from Tuesday, May 11.

Ferrous Division

Surface Transportation Board member Robert Primus addressed the Ferrous Division regarding rail transportation issues. Primus discussed several recent rules that provide more transparency in the delivery of railcars, invoicing, demurrage and rate challenges. The STB has issued various rules in recent years following the rail industry’s adoption of precision schedule railroading and the resulting increase of demurrage charges. He also asked how the proposed infrastructure spending package would impact the recycling industry. Primus expressed an interest in learning more about the recycling industry and how the STB can help ensure better rail transportation for shippers.

Nonferrous Division

During the Nonferrous Division meeting, three scrap specification changes were approved:

  • SAINT – a new nickel bearing alloy scrap specification.
  • ROPES – a revised specification on lead wheel weights.
  • REELS – a new specification for mixed nonferrous wheel weights.

Adina Renee Adler, ISRI’s vice president of advocacy, provided a trade update including upcoming changes in Malaysian import inspections. Joe Pickard, ISRI’s chief economist and director of commodities, gave updates on trends in nonferrous metal prices, U.S. and global manufacturing, overseas demand for nonferrous scrap, and the economic outlook.

Materials Recovery Facility Committee

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs for residential recycling highlighted the MRF Committee discussions. With several states proposing EPR legislation, the committee formed a working group early this year to address current and expected legislation. The MRF Committee’s EPR working group drafted a position on EPR for residential recycling. The committee decided to incorporate this draft language into and amend ISRI’s existing Producer Stewardship Position passed in 2020. The board will vote Friday, May 14, on the change.

Paper Division

The Paper Division passed recommendations to the Guidelines for Paper Stock in ISRI’s Circular. The paper specifications are frequently reviewed to keep them in line with current market practices and for clarity. The REMADE Institute has asked ISRI members to answer a questionnaire about trends in paper recycling over the next 5-10 years. ISRI will work with members to submit a crowdsourced, anonymous set of answers to REMADE.

Plastics Division

The Plastics Division’s Specifications Working Group continues to thoroughly review the plastics section of ISRI’s Scrap Specifications Circular. The division also learned about ISRI’s participation in the REMADE study on future recycling trends and will also ask members to respond to the questionnaire.

ISRI board, committee, and division meetings will continue tomorrow. You can see the full schedule here.





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