When the current Communications Committee leadership took over two years ago, it was at the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. Adjustability became a theme during the leadership’s tenure, as the committee, members, and ISRI staff had to constantly adapt to new challenges. Overall, many of the committee’s goals set in place during that uncertain time in 2020 were met over the last two years despite waves of adversity from all directions.

The digital transformation to Scrap News has been highly successful, as well as the introduction of various new digital offerings and opportunities, including digital advertising, podcasts, and webinars to name a few. Committee Vice Chair Andrew Cooley noted the importance of setting SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound) goals, but also the need to be flexible in the face of uncertainty. That flexibility, combined with a strong team effort by both the communications committee and ISRI’s communications staff, led to a very successful two-year period.

Alton Schaubhut, second vice president of ISRI’s Gulf Coast Region, provided an update on the Gulf Coast Region webpage. Schaubhut was effusive in praise for the look, design, and feel of the page. Gbolahan Alabi, ISRI’s web content manager, was acknowledged for his work on the webpage, including Schaubhut calling Alabi “a rockstar” for his work. Schaubhut also thanked Brandi Harleaux, the communications chair for the Gulf Coast Region, for her work on the development of the page as well. The page includes several valuable resources for visitors, including scholarship information, member profiles, event listing, and links to state resource pages. More information is coming soon as the region looks to utilize the page to take it to next level.

The meeting concluded with Committee Chair Andy Wahl thanking the ISRI communications team for its work over the last two years during his chairmanship. Mark Carpenter, ISRI’s vice president of communications, acknowledged each member of the communications team, and thanked them for their efforts.