Designing ISRI2021 Your Way: The Biggest Industry Event of the Year

My father, Stanton, and I have been around ISRI since the beginning. Over the years, I’ve been to countless conventions. My father had the honor of chairing the Convention Committee and I have chaired successful conventions as well. ISRI puts on the largest and best convention and exposition in the industry. That’s the reputation we’ve worked hard to build and it’s one that I intend to keep—despite the pandemic.

Through the virtual platform we are building for ISRI2021, ISRI will continue to give you the best networking opportunities, the best programs, and the most up-to-the-minute market information. It will connect you with vendors, suppliers, and customers; help you chart your way through new leadership in government; and allow your company to extend the convention learning experience deeper into your companies than ever before. More than that, ISRI is going to give you time for work and family throughout the convention.

ISRI2021 will take place live over six days. Convention workshops, programs, and the exhibit hall will be available to registered attendees for nearly a month after that. The show will run April 20-22 and April 27-29, with dynamic new programs running every day. This year, we’re dedicating one day, April 21, strictly to the exhibit hall, giving you time to explore as many as 200 exhibit displays and to attend demonstrations and other interactive events put on by our exhibitors.

Topical programs will typically start at 11 a.m. EST and run until late afternoon, with additional networking and just-for-fun programs occurring later in the day. The schedule is designed to be ideal for the Western Hemisphere, where more than 80% of attendees usually come from, but it also makes live programming available throughout the Eastern Hemisphere without forcing participants to get up in the middle of the night. All of our programs will also be available on demand just a few hours after they are scheduled to air.

Speaking of programs, ISRI2021 will feature our regular complement of commodity spotlight programs, with speakers from across the globe providing analysis and trends. Programming will include at least three more tracks: Business Operation, Technology, and Innovation; Federal, State, and Local Issues, including Environmental Challenges and Community Relations; and Safety, Heath, and Transportation.

Each day’s opening session will dive into the state of the industry and association. The sessions will tackle many of the recycling industry’s key challenges, including finance, transportation, hiring diversity, cutting-edge technology, regulatory compliance, and global markets. There will be information and training that you want and need to run your businesses.

Registering for ISRI’s convention is as simple as ever. With reduced-cost tickets and group discounts, we have priced this convention to allow the broadest audience possible to participate. We hope companies will take advantage of the virtual experience and lack of hotel and airfare costs by registering a wide range of employees, including those who would not normally attend the convention. Businesses can take advantage of ISRI’s “early bird” price until the end of February.

COVID-19 may be stopping us from meeting in person this year, but it won’t stop ISRI from having the biggest and best meeting in the recycling industry. Your friends and your competitors will be there. We hope you will be too!

Stephen Moss is vice president of Stanton A. Moss Inc and serves as chair of ISRI’s Convention Committee.