ISRI’s Lifetime Achievement Award is given annually by ISRI’s Chair to bestow recognition and honor upon an individual(s) in the recycled materials industry whose name and deeds are synonymous with integrity and the pursuit of excellence, and who has made significant contributions over their lifetime to the recycled materials industry industry and/or ISRI. This year the award will be presented to industry juggernauts Bruce Blue and Robert Goldstein.

Bruce Blue

“After facing, five times in the last few years, death in the eye, I have greatly changed what is important to me. My family is number one and ISRI is number two. Your priorities change in these situations. I have found ISRI to be my love for 53 years and getting stronger every year, in dedicating my life to the betterment of the recycled materials industry and the men and women who daily meet the challenges to make the world better through recycling. The majority do not understand that without recycling the world would be back in the Stone Age. I just cannot put into words how I feel. I am extremely humbled by my achieving this goal. It is the most meaningful accomplishment that I have ever received. I now must work even harder for ISRI to prove that this cherished award was deserved. I even bought a new sports car which is my third love.” -Bruce Blue on hearing he will be a recipient of the ISRI Lifetime Achievement Award

Bruce Blue

Bruce was raised in his family-owned recycled materials business, Louisville Scrap Metals, then later owned his own company Freedom Metals. Bruce has served ISRI as a member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. He is a former ISRI Chapter President and President of ISRI Chapter Presidents, as well as a member of, and past Chair of the Audit Committee and Convention Planning Committee, respectively. Bruce was a member of the Long Range Planning Committee. He is a member of the ISRI Century Club.

“Bruce has shown incredible leadership through a lifetime of service to the recycled materials industry and to ISRI,” said ISRI President Robin Wiener. “I know few other people who have given so much of themselves to supporting ISRI and all our efforts. Bruce is always the first person to raise his hand and give of his time and experience to the betterment of the membership. He is an inspiration!”

Bruce is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. He has served as a Member of the Kentucky General Assembly Committee on Deposit Legislation, and Member of the U.S. Department of Defense Committee to Study Strategic Stockpiles. He has been a member of committees to pass metals theft laws in both Metro Louisville and the State of Kentucky, the Solid Waste Board Metro Louisville, and President of Kentucky Recycling Association.

“Bruce is an institution and role model within the recycled materials industry who has paved the way for the industry of tomorrow,” said ISRI Chair Brian Henesey. “Bruce is a true industry champion who represents the greatness that the ISRI Lifetime Achievement Award signifies to our members.”

Robert Goldstein

“I am honored, humbled, and very grateful to have been selected to receive this ISRI Lifetime Achievement Award. The good fortune and success that I have experienced in my career would not have been possible without my family and my co-workers, both past and present, who supported and guided me along the way. Staying true to our culture of safety, integrity, respect, customer service, and community support, which was originally established by my father and grandfather, has enabled us to build our organization into one of the nation’s leading metal recycling companies.” -Robert Goldstein on hearing he will be a recipient of the ISRI Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Goldstein

Robert has been a leader in the recycled materials industry for more than 50 years, starting his career at the age of 13 when he began doing clean up tasks at the family’s facility. The impact of his work at a young age was formative and served as the backbone of a strong work ethic. In 2003, Robert was named Chairman and CEO of Alter Trading Corporation, his family-owned recycled materials industry. In 2009, Robert was named Chairman and CEO of Goldstein Group, Inc., the parent company of Alter Trading Corporation, and he continues to serve as Chairman of both today.

“Robert is a legend in the recycled materials industry, exemplifying true leadership, integrity and the best of who we are as an industry” said ISRI President Robin Wiener. “I have long admired his long-time commitment to the wellbeing of the people who work for him, as well as the communities where Alter’s operations are located, and am excited that ISRI has this opportunity to honor him.”

Robert is a graduate of Tulane University. In addition to his current role, he is an officer and director of affiliated real estate development and transportation businesses involved in inland marine logistics. Under Robert’s leadership, Alter has grown in its ISRI involvement since its beginnings, establishing his commitment to not only the company but the industry as a whole. Additionally, Robert is involved in many community and charitable endeavors across the U.S., as well as YPO service for decades.

“For nearly 40 years, Robert has served our industry and encouraged a commitment to its enhancement and innovation,” said ISRI Chair Brian Henesey. “His business acumen and the ability to use his family’s legacy in the recycled materials industry serve to make the industry even stronger.”

Robert will be recognized during the ISRI2023 Opening General Session on Tuesday, April 18. Bruce will be recognized during the closing General Session on April 20.