ISRI launched an online timeline featuring historic milestones from the recycled materials industry, as well as memorable moments from across the organization’s more than 30 years. Visit  to see how recycling got its start in the U.S., and how the organization now known as ISRI was created and has seen so many successes over the decades. The site includes ISRI member interviews, videos and museum-grade images that tell the story of the recycled materials industry.

The history page is a fascinating, inspiring look at the history of the recycled materials industry from its beginnings, decade-by-decade. For more than 100 years, the recycled materials industry has provided resources that Americans depend on — from everyday items to essential infrastructure — by inventing new solutions and technologies. From the roads, bridges, and electrical wires that connect us and power our daily lives, to hospital equipment that sustains life, the recycled materials industry has a robust history.

The timeline is part of a celebration of ISRI’s history as it prepares to rebrand on April 18 during ISRI2024 in Las Vegas. Members and stakeholders are also encouraged to share their memories of ISRI and various events over the years at a digital mosaic — easily upload photos and look at memories shared by others. The more member photos entered, the more exciting the mosaic will be. The ISRI digital mosaic will be live onsite as a full-scale physical installation at ISRI2024 at the Hub to bring ISRI member memories to life.

Now at nearly 1,700 members, ISRI was formed in 1987 when the Institute of Scrap Iron and Steel merged with the National Association of Recycling Industries. The association has a tremendously loyal membership with roughly 800 companies having been ISRI members for more than 20 years.