ISRI’s 2021 Spring Committee and Board of Directors Meetings kicked off Thursday, May 6, and ended Friday, May 14. Here are some highlights from Thursday, May 13. 

Education and Training Committee

The Education and Training Committee meeting began by reviewing ISRI2021, including data and session-evaluator findings. Members of the committee received an update on ISRI’s quarterly membership survey. Once enough results come in, the survey can be used for future programming, advocacy, communications, and more. The committee discussed upcoming education and training programming events in 2021 and plans for 2022. An outline of events for 2022 will be discussed at the July committee meeting to be placed in the budget for fall 2021 board meetings.

RERF Board

After reviewing the financial statement as of April 30, the Recycling Education and Research Foundation Board discussed its silent auction during ISRI2021 and how it compared to past years. RERF’s programming committee will meet in a few weeks to discuss fundraising topics including rebranding the silent auction, exploring the possibility of holding a golf tournament, and promoting the use of Amazon Smiles. RERF’s planning committee will meet soon to review the rough draft of its business plan and discuss goals and strategy between now and the end of the year. The board had the opportunity to review a draft of RERF’s new website, which will focus on the foundation and its purpose. Silent auction participants were asked for feedback that the board can use as it plans future auctions.

Electronics Division

A message from the Safe Operations Committee kicked off the Electronics Division meeting. Safe Ops asked for an electronics representative with a compliance background to meet members from other commodities to discuss environmental issues Safe Ops may not be covering. ISRI staff provided an update on the Basel Convention. The division also discussed legislative efforts on extended producer responsibility programs for residential recycling. After a look back at ISRI2021, the group discussed the upcoming IT asset disposition summit. The REMADE Institute has asked ISRI members to answer a questionnaire about trends in electronics recycling over the next 5-10 years. ISRI will work with members to submit crowdsourced, anonymous answers.

Government Relations Committee

Members welcomed Carlton Waterhouse, the deputy assistant administrator for land and emergency management in the EPA’s Office of Land and Environmental Management, to discuss environmental issues and regulations with the Government Relations Committee. ISRI staff reviewed federal government issues including the Biden administration’s infrastructure plan, recent executive orders, and upcoming legislation. ISRI is organizing a virtual fly-in May 17-21, where Trade Committee members will meet with congressional leaders about shipping and container issues affecting the U.S. recycling industry. Government Relations reviewed and passed ISRI’s policy on environmental justice and the industry’s commitment to communities. The committee also discussed residential EPR programs.

The State Subcommittee gave an update on the Lobbyist Training Group. The Metals Theft Committee discussed its recent work on catalytic converter theft legislation and prevention. The Community Relations Subcommittee asked for content for the Community Resource Center. The Design for Recycling Award was discussed, and an update from REMADE was provided.

In regulatory compliance, the EPA is requesting additional public comments on five final rules issued in January under the Toxic Substances Control Act. Under the TSCA rules, the agency granted exemptions from rules for reuse and recycling activities for two of the chemicals, but one of President Joe Biden’s first executive orders may reverse that. ISRI is seeking a response from electronics recyclers and refurbishers on these issues, specifically personal protective equipment, and other health and safety measures, and will submit comments before Monday, May 17.







Hannah Zuckerman

Hannah Zuckerman

Hannah is a Writer & Editor for ISRI's Scrap News. She's interested in a wide range of topics in the recycling industry and is always eager to learn more. She graduated from Bryn Mawr College, where she majored in History and a minored in Creative Writing. She lives in Arlington, Virginia with her husband.