The ISRI Young Executive of the Year award speaks to the totality of an individual. Not only is the person a great employee and/or executive of their company, but they’re also a great person, active in their community and able to strike the ideal work-life balance.

“Anybody who knows Brandi Harleaux and Dan Garvin, the first two recipients of the award, will say they’re both caring, thoughtful, good humans,” says Sean Daoud, vice president at PNW Metal Recycling, Inc., and co-chair of ISRI’s Young Executives Council (YEC). “They run their businesses well, but they’re also involved in their local communities, their local networking groups, and in the industry. They’re both really good people.”

This year, the application process for the award has undergone an overhaul. The first two years of the award’s existence, individuals nominated themselves. This year is a traditional-nomination-only process where one individual nominates another. The application process has also been streamlined so that it requires thoughtful consideration without taking an exorbitant amount of time.

According to Daoud, a self-nomination process held back some people from applying who were hesitant to nominate themselves. The process was also extremely involved, but that was by design Daoud says. “We wanted people to put the effort and time in to get it done,” he explains. The shift this year to a nomination-only process is less time-consuming while still encouraging the applicant to convey the nominee’s professional strengths and overall character. Daoud hopes the reformed application process will draw a wide array of nominees.

“We want to showcase that the industry has a group of individuals rising up the ranks of their respective companies that are ready for leadership across ISRI,” Daoud says. “These individuals will not only take their businesses to the next level, but also the industry as a whole, and we’ll be well represented for the future.”

The 2022 recipient will be acknowledged at the ISRI Awards Presentation during ISRI2022, where they will receive a physical award. It’ll be the first year that the award is presented in person. “We’ve done the Lifetime Achievement award and the Safety awards in person for years, but we haven’t been able to do the YE of the Year award in person yet. So, finally being able to present the award in person is going to be amazing,” Daoud says.

The recipient may also be recognized in additional outlets via print, web, and social media. The recipient will receive complimentary registrations to all ISRI national events (virtual and/or in-person) of their choosing during the 2022 calendar year, where fees are required, as well as complimentary full registration to ISRI2023 Convention & Exposition in Nashville, Tenn.

“Our industry needs strong individuals to carry the next generation, so if you know someone that is a good example of what a YE should be in this industry, please nominate them for this award so they can get their recognition,” Daoud says.

If you know a worthy individual for the YE of the Year award, nominate them here. More information on the award process can be found here, and a tip sheet can be found here. If you have any questions about the process, please contact Lacey Capps and Brian Sprowl. The deadline for entries is midnight EST on January 7, 2022.