Heritage Battery Recycling (HBR), a new division of the Heritage Group and its subsidiary, Heritage Environmental Services (Heritage), is collaborating with Romeo Power, an energy technology company, to develop a battery reuse and recycling facility in the southwestern U.S.

Heritage, which provides environmental and sustainability services, launched HBR in late 2020 to address the growing market demand for “safe, sustainable” lithium-ion battery recycling and reuse. Currently, end-of-life lithium-ion batteries present a challenge for automotive manufacturers. But it’s likely the market for these rechargeable batteries will rise due to government incentives and growing adoption of electric vehicles.

Based in Southern California, Romeo Power manufactures battery systems for various electric vehicles, including tractors, commercial trucks, and buses. By collaborating with Romeo Power, HBR will “have a unique opportunity to provide a safe, environmentally sound end-of-life strategy for commercial truck manufacturers, commercial fleet managers, and conscientious business owners who are investing in clean energy today,” says Jeff Laborsky, CEO of Heritage.

Romeo Power is also enthusiastic about the new partnership. “We are committed to anticipating our customers’ long-term needs as they transition to electrification, and HBR will provide them with a turnkey solution to repurpose end-of-life batteries safely and responsibly” says Lionel Selwood Jr. the company’s CEO.

Heritage is also teaming up with vehicle services provider Heritage-Crystal Clean to help with the transportation and logistics of HBR’s battery collection operations across North America. Together, Crystal Clean and Heritage bring HBR access to over 100,000 customer locations and 108 facility locations across North America.

Hannah Zuckerman

Hannah Zuckerman

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