Tim Holschuh, 61, of Fairfield, Ohio, died Sept. 26 after battling cancer since February. He was director of purchasing/sales at nonferrous recycler M&M Metals Inc. in Cincinnati.

Graduating from Miami University in 1982 with a degree in aerospace, aeronautical, and aeronautical engineering, Mr. Holschuh entered the metals industry as a manufacturers’ representative for finished goods. He joined M&M Metals in 1991, where he oversaw their nonferrous metal operations for over 30 years.

“He was crucial in developing M&M Metals’ brass shell casing business and was able to continue buying and selling material up until his passing,” M&M President Adam Futscher says. “Tim always saw his customers as friends and thoroughly enjoyed the many personal relationships he fostered over the years.”

Mr. Holschuh was known as a soft-spoken yet visible presence at industry gatherings. “Whether it was ISRI Roundtables in Chicago or Mid-America Chapter Consumers Night in St. Louis, or other events, he was a classy guy, total professional,” says Jim Wiseman, executive vice president of Louisville, Ky.-based Smart Recycling Management, and membership and scholarship chair for ISRI’s Ohio Valley Chapter.

Mr. Holschuh took great pride in his wife, Mary, and five children. “Although he ultimately succumbed to his illness, he was able to meet his granddaughter this summer,” Futscher says. “Knowing Tim, I think that holding his granddaughter for the first time made all of the treatments worth it.”

Funeral arrangements are pending.


Photo courtesy of M&M Metals.

Dan Hockensmith

Dan Hockensmith

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