Matt Kripke

Matt Kripke
Kripke Enterprises, Inc.

Kripke Enterprises, Inc. (KEI) based in Toledo Ohio is excited to announce Matt Kripke will become CEO and President of KEI. His father, Larry who started the company in 1993 will assume the title of “Founder”. The initial partners in the company were Larry and his wife, Joanie. Larry and Joanie started the company with one other employee. KEI has now grown into an organization with 3 locations, 3 divisions, and over 60 employees.

“My father’s calm and steady guidance allowed our company to thrive and overcome adversity in our early years. The continued success of Kripke Enterprises is a credit to Larry’s skills as a teacher, mentor, trader, and leader.” Matt stated. “Working with my father and growing our company together has been the business highlight of my life,” Matt continued.

Larry set the foundation for the core values that KEI’s practices every day. These values are used to filter every decision:

Relationships are the backbone of our business
We provide solutions
We do what we say

Matt began working with Kripke Enterprises in 1994 and became President of KEI in 2012. “I am truly honored to carry on my parents’ legacy and excited to be leading the best team in the aluminum industry. My parents believed in me, even when I doubted myself. They laid the groundwork for our company’s growth and I am grateful to both of them” said Matt.