ISRI’s Brands Leadership Council provides a space for leading consumer brands to connect with recyclers in a collaborative forum to address challenges in the recycling supply chain. ISRI announced the formation and inaugural members of its newest member category on Thursday, Feb. 3. The inaugural members are Starbucks, Keurig Dr Pepper, McDonald’s, Unilever, and Colgate-Palmolive.

“The Brands Leadership Council provides a unique opportunity to join recyclers with the brands that drive and supply consumers around the globe with the goods they want that can be ultimately recycled and put back into the circular economy,” says ISRI President Robin Wiener.

The council will bring together global consumer brands into the only trade association that represents the complete recycling infrastructure through which most recyclables flow for processing into high-quality, commodity-grade products. Through membership, brand owners can form close relationships with recyclers across commodities to solve issues and find opportunities around the recycling value chain, including sustainability and design.

“Bringing together brands and recyclers will help ensure products are designed with recyclability in mind, as well as provide a platform for collaboration on corporate sustainability goals, public outreach, global markets, and beyond,” Wiener adds. “ISRI is excited to welcome brands into our membership and we look forward to their contributions.”


Hannah Zuckerman

Hannah Zuckerman

Hannah is a Writer & Editor for ISRI's Scrap News. She's interested in a wide range of topics in the recycling industry and is always eager to learn more. She graduated from Bryn Mawr College, where she majored in History and a minored in Creative Writing. She lives in Arlington, Virginia with her husband.