Casper, WY.-based ALTS USA LLC buys and sells ferrous and nonferrous recycled metals. The objective of the company is to help local yards, recyclers, processors and brokers buy/sell their recycled materials from/in the international market. The company, which joined ISRI in July, just celebrated its first birthday in the U.S. However, founding members have established  themselves in the recycling industry for the last 20-plus years through its brokerage arm and steel foundry in Asia.

ALTS believes in social good and plays a vital role in preserving the future of our planet. ALTS is a socially responsible company that wants to reduce carbon emissions in production cycles to create a healthy and greener environment. In this journey, ALTS wants to connect multiple market participants sharing this common cause using its professional network and technology. Through its membership in ISRI, ALTS hopes to achieve their objective. ALTS is motivated to promote green advocacy by supporting ISRI.

ALTS is promoted by two professionals, Anoop Lall and Tarkik Shah, who went to school together at the University of San Francisco to get their MBAs. After school, Anoop stayed in the U.S. to develop his certified public accountant career while working for an accounting firm, while Tarkik went back to India and grew his family business in the metal recycling business. Both Anoop and Tarkik continued to discuss the markets and the social cause throughout their shared years of friendship.  With recent world events, they saw an opportunity and decided to create ALTS in pursuit of expanding access between local supply chains and international markets.

ALTS brings to ISRI:

  • Urge and motivation to grow their business partners internationally.
  • Desire to play a vital role in preserving the future of our planet.
  • Presence and experience in both U.S. and international markets.
  • Belief in placing professional relationships with business partners above their profits.
  • Promoting all-weather relationships based on honest, trust, transparency and real time communication

For more information, you can contact Anoop Lall by phone or WhatsApp at (415) 430-7883 or email at

Welcome to ISRI, ALTS!


Body photo of Anoop Lall courtesy of ALTS USA.