On Thursday, Feb. 1, Canadian electronics recycling and information technology asset disposition (ITAD) company Quantum Lifecycle Partners opened its 10th facility in Canada and its third in Alberta.

Though the company had an existing end-of-life recycling facility in Edmonton, the new ITAD facility will provide complete lifecycle management services for electronics and IT hardware to Quantum’s existing and new customers.

“Our goal with the new facility is to quickly, conveniently, and securely service industrial, commercial, and institutional customers and businesses of all sizes in and around Edmonton,” said Mark Cooper, vice president of business development at Quantum. “Alberta is an important commercial hub, home to some of the key industries in Canada, and Quantum wants to ensure a seamless process for their data security and electronics reuse needs.”

The 7,800 square-foot facility will provide electronics recycling sorting, data security services, testing and cosmetic inspection, and remarketing of electronic devices. The facility will also provide white glove logistics to the surrounding business community, ensuring the integrity of high-value assets as they are being meticulously and carefully handled and transported.

Quantum is looking to support the local community and have boots on the ground in Edmonton so employees will be able to respond to customer needs quickly and be onsite in a matter of days.

“It’ll be much more efficient than when we had to schedule out of Calgary, which required a week or two advance notice and a lot of planning,” Cooper said. “The new facility means we can service customers, sometimes within 24 hours, to do a white glove pack and transport, as well as assist in inventory management and data erasure.”

Like its other ITAD facilities, the Edmonton location will prioritize employee and stakeholder health and safety onsite and adhere to the strictest data security policies. Quantum is also a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and many of its existing ITAD facilities are NAID AAA and R2v3 certified.

“We’re committed to protecting customers’ information,” Cooper said. “In addition, we’re working to protect the environment through our end-to-end process, as all the fallout from our ITAD process gets recycled at Quantum facilities. We are our own downstream, assuring customers that we aren’t letting the recycled materials end up somewhere else — we have full control of the entire process.”

Photo: Courtesy of Quantum Lifecycle Partners LP.

Hannah Carvalho

Hannah Carvalho

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