The Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS™), which is managed by the Global Recycling Standards Organization, has formed an alliance with Sustainable Electronics Recycling International, whose R2 certification program provides a standard set of processes, safety measures, and documentation requirements for recyclers and refurbishers of end-of-life electronics. The partnership will simplify the certification process and reduce the expense for companies seeking both RIOS and R2 certifications.

From now forward, companies that are seeking to become certified to the R2 Standard or that are currently certified will be eligible for RIOS’ association alliance membership rate, which provides a 50% discount and is otherwise reserved for members of ISRI and the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries, RIOS says. The membership includes the RIOS Implementation Guide, access to all RIOS training programs, and all of the other membership benefits of RIOS.

The partnership will help make the RIOS and R2 standards more accessible and attainable to the global electronics recycling, refurbishing, and repair industries, RIOS Executive Director Darrell Kendall says. “Through this alliance, we believe that we can foster a healthier, safer and more sustainable global industry by allowing all facilities reasonable access to our standards and the associated tools and guides,” he says.

Through the partnership, RIOS and SERI also will collaborate to develop education and training programs, including Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management System training programs that are specific to companies seeking R2 certification.

“I think it’s really great for the industry,” says George Hinkle, president of ARCOA Group, based in Waukegan, Ill. ARCOA is already certified to both the R2 and RIOS standards, which will allow the company to benefit from of a newly discounted RIOS membership. “I hope you’ll see a lot of people who have R2 now incorporate the RIOS standard.”

In addition to forging the new partnership, RIOS also will now provide a free copy of its standard, previously a $150 cost to nonmembers, to anyone who requests it.