Safety at the Forefront of ISRI Members’ Minds

Recipients of the ISRI EHS: 2019 COSE Award shared their lessons in safety.

Here are some of the takeaways from our ISRI members on how they ensure all operations at their facilities are conducted safely.

The David J. Joseph Company implemented a behavior-based safety program based on the behaviors of the company’s employees. Every employee can contribute to the program by observing their peers.

Training is especially important for Sierra Recycling & Demolition. The company emphasizes its training through weekly tailgates. It makes tailgates specific to departments, and uses ISRI training materials. The company also does quite a bit of training with supervisors and managers. Sierra Recycling conducts training however often it’s needed, and provides additional training whenever it’s needed. The company also shares close calls and incidents that occur. During an incident investigation, if someone discovers that training may have played a factor in the incident, the employee will be re-trained.

United Scrap Metals has had safety programs in place for some time now. Leadership routinely speaks with team members to keep safety front and center and make sure safety is the first topic that’s discussed in meetings.

Southern Metals Recycling implemented ISRI’s new employee orientation into its process for all new, incoming employees. In a weekly all-hands meeting, the company reviews specific safety policies and procedures. Company officials also discuss with employees why it’s vital to follow procedures and what the effects will be if they don’t follow them.

Southern Metals Recycling also fully trains supervisors on hazard recognition, and reviews how supervisors should train their employees to follow the company’s policies and procedures. SMR also incorporated safety reporting into its weekly managers’ meeting, where managers discuss issues of concern following audits of programs. Tasks are assigned to various department managers, and follow ups are conducted to make sure tasks are accomplished. SMR also takes note of how they can assist in accomplishing tasks.

Not only does Schupan and Sons have incident, injury, and near miss reporting, it also has all of its safety training and documentation included. It provides a one-stop-shop for the supervisors, where they can access that information 24 hours a day on their computer or phone. The company also has onboard training that includes safety awareness training where the company’s environmental health and safety policy is discussed. They also discuss their three safety absolutes in regard to lock out/tag out, seatbelt usage, and personal protective equipment.

Open enrollment is now available for the Circle of Safety Excellence™ Program (COSE). All active ISRI members located within the United States and Canada, who process or consume scrap material and are committed to operating safely, are invited to apply to be part of the Circle.  RETURNING members will need to reapply by entering their company’s safety data for the previous year 2019. NEW members are required to submit their safety data for the previous three years (2017 – 2019).

All entries are due by March 31. The awards will be presented during ISRI’s Annual Convention and Exposition, held virtually April 20-22 and 27-29.