Sierra International Machinery announced that their documentary series Repurposed will release on Thursday, Feb. 2. Repurposed, a multi-episode series narrated by Sierra’s President and Co-Owner John Sacco, shows how recycled materials are vital to manufacturing and the production of everyday goods.

Repurposed is a docuseries that tells the story of the importance of the materials recycling industry and
the supply chain of raw materials to steel mills, foundries for aluminum, and paper mills,” says John Sacco.

Various recyclers, metals and paper processors, and industry veterans are highlighted throughout the series. Experts include Robin Wiener, ISRI President; Jay Robinovitz, CEO of Alter Trading; Jim Keefe, Executive Vice President of GIE Media; George Adams, CEO and President of SA Recycling, and many others.

As the only recycling equipment manufacturer that owns and operates a recycling facility, Sierra has keen insights into the challenges recycling professionals face. In addition to highlighting the importance of recycled materials in everyday goods, the series also plans to show how vital the recycling industry is to our environment, infrastructure, and everyday health.

Repurposed also tells a story about green manufacturing and how our industry helps keep our communities clean, how our communities are a better place to live, because the environmental
stewardship of the recycled materials industry. This series is designed to change the narrative and ensure people understand the negative impact on their daily lives if the recycled material industry ceases to exist.”

The first episode of Repurposed, “It Takes Grit,” can be viewed on Sierra’s YouTube channel here.

Photo Credit Courtesy of Sierra International Machinery.

Arnulfo Moreno

Arnulfo Moreno

Arnulfo Moreno is a Communications Manager at ISRI. He is fascinated by the innovation and sustainability found in the recycling industry. He graduated from The Catholic University of America where he majored in Media Studies and minored in Spanish. He lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland with his collection of short stories he hopes to one day finish writing.