After a few years away, software development company the WeighPay Group Inc., formerly known as PopScrap, has rejoined ISRI. The WeighPay Group delivers an enterprise-ready platform for the front-end of scrap metal and waste recyclers.


The company has built a first-of-its-kind Hybrid-Cloud ERP Agnostic Platform that is hyper-focused on the global metal recycling industry. The unique solution employs a mobile-first strategy with hybrid online/offline technology. It’s the first platform of its kind to be born in the cloud, but there’s also a local database at the client application level integrated with the cloud, which allows the platform to operate in real-time when the internet is unavailable.

“If there is an internet outage, the platform continues to use the local information, and it synchronizes once you come back,” explains Stacy Duty, CEO of the WeighPay Group. “It’s the best of both worlds: you get visibility across the enterprise thanks to the cloud, but you don’t lose operational efficiencies because of the local database.”

The software consists of three fully featured client applications giving customers the flexibility to run their businesses in ways that makes sense for them. The software can be integrated with any scale indicator and many peripheral devices to ensure state and federal compliance regulations are met. The web-based back office gives users a cross-platform option to log in to their system from anywhere in the world via the public internet. The mobile Android app and the Windows installer allow scale masters, truck drivers, dockside buyers, mobile core buyers, yard workers, warehouse workers, and front-end employees to use the same software with features customized to their specific functions.

The WeighPay Group has operated in the cloud for over a decade. As the company continues its upward trend from servicing the small and midsize business space into the mid-market and enterprise market space, it has more than tripled its staff during the pandemic with business analysts, solution architects, and senior developers all with deep scrap metal and waste experience. Duty notes that a key factor in the company’s decision to rejoin ISRI was its desire to reach companies in the mid-market and enterprise market space.

“Our future client base is ISRI members,” Duty says. “As we’re making this upward movement into the enterprise stratosphere, the need to connect with larger companies and get ahead of the sales cycle, which can take years, is pivotal. It’s a relationship-driven environment, not a matter of just selling a product. It takes years for these companies to make moves like this and change their IT.”

The platform reduces the IT time and cost seen in other on-premises software solutions where the process has been inverted by delivering native cloud apps that provide global access to business records and images. The WeighPay Group’s cloud architecture is a significant advantage in the way data and images are stored and retrieved. “In our industry, one transaction can have 30 or 40 images. Download speeds are always higher than upload speeds, so in our world we rarely download images, but we upload millions of images per day. It’s a significant difference in the IT structure that we’re presenting to the industry at the enterprise level,” Duty explains.

Another major advantage the WeighPay Group is offering its clientele, according to Duty, is the addition of business intelligent (BI) tools. The company has partnered with a BI reporting company to give its enterprise clients the kind of reporting it can only get in a BI platform. This partnership will go a long way in freeing up full-time staff members from IT duties so they can concentrate on other areas of their businesses’ needs.

“Some companies have 5-10 people on their BI team alone. With our self-provisioning BI feature, we allow companies to repurpose their full-time employees back into sales, operations, and other areas of need,” Duty says. “That’s our advantage to the industry, we’re doing the heavy lifting on the IT side for them, which allows full-time employees to focus on other things.”

The WeighPay Group is currently completing a brand transformation. The transformation is a result of the company’s expansion into other scale-based industries such as waste management, oil and gas, and contractor supply stores. “As our vertical reach began to expand in 2015, we needed a larger umbrella to encompass all the industries we’re reaching,” Duty says. The transformation includes its new name, as well as an overhaul in leadership, and an expansion of its engineering team. The transformation is expected to be complete by Dec. 1.